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Gabriella Eszter Szabó was born on 25th of  May 1979 in Komló, a small town in South-Hungary in a musician family. Her parents are music teachers and conductors of well-known choirs, her brother is a jazz pianist, who won four international competitions in Europe.

She moved to Pécs in 1982 where she started to play piano at the young age of 8. Her teacher, Mária Apagyi has improved her knowledge not just in classical music, but in improvisation skills and creativity as well. She played at several musical meetings, festivals, piano competitions.

She became accompanist co-operating with the different choirs, singers, music groups at elementary and high schools as well.

In 1997 she performed first  the famous Hungarian contemporary composer’s, Miklós Kocsár’s series, called “Hangportrék”  in the hall of the Music Academy.

She continued her education at Faculty of Music at University of Pécs, where she could study plenty of useful techniques from Tünde Kiss, Mária Apagyi, Aurél Tillai, László Kircsi, László Gönczy, László Vidovszky, István Hegyi, Tamás Lakner, István Várdai. During the five years she became the musical department’s official accompanist co-operating with singers, choirs, orchestras, different instrument players at rehearsals and concerts too.

In 2002 she organized her own solo piano concert containing her own improvisations and compositions.

She had just qualified as a music teacher and musician, when she was invited to teach into the Reformed High School of Pécs. She was a music teacher, conductor and accompanist between 2002 and 2004.

In the meantime she got another possibility to perform and to be on stage, so she started to work on luxury ships on the river Danube. With the „two singers- one pianist” group she played concerts in many different genres at the Nautilus and Austrian River Cruises company for five years.

She was admitted as a piano teacher to Lauder Javne music school in Budapest in 2005, where she taught classical pieces and the basics of improvisation and composing for two years.

In 2006 she moved to the capital.

Later, from 2007 she started to work at Faculty of Music at János Kodolányi College where she was responsible for the piano studies, music history and contemporary arts too.

Gabriella has been open-minded for every music styles and genres of high standard since she was a child, therefore plenty of influences can be found in her music.

She has founded her own music group called Miegymás in 2009, where she has been the pianist, the composer and the manager too. They play Gabriella’ s own pieces, mixing the elements of jazz, classical and etno music, so their music is a so-called „cross-over” or fusion style. Many succesful concerts were played by Miegymás in Budapest, in the countryside, in Vienna and in Transylvania as well.

The most valuable effect of their demanding and persistent work is their CD, called „Pieces of a mosaique”, which has been released in december 2011 by the NarRator publisher.

The songs can be heard by the menu „Music” or at the following homepage:

Gabriella Eszter Szabó, besides Miegymás’s active life, has been an accompanist co-operating with choirs, orchestras, singers, so her name is appeared on several CD-s since she was 16 years old.

She was the official accompanist at Europe Cantat festival in Pécs in 2010, where she played piano for 2-3000 people at the final concert.






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